• Gated Community


    Private Community with Large Lots

    High Forest Ranch is a private gated community located off of Highway 83.
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    Neighborhood Open Space


    Trees, trails and more

    High Forest Ranch was well planned as the homes blend in with the environment and there is plenty of open space.
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    Community Center


    Space for Residents

    The High Forest Ranch Community Center is a great space to utilize for meetings or summer barbeques.
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    D-38 Schools


    D-38 Schools

    The Lewis Palmer D-38 school district has great neighborhood schools
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Meet the Springs Homes Agents

About Springs Homes

Springs Homes is a full service real estate company specializing in the Pikes Peak region. We find that often buyers and sellers don't know where to look when researching different neighborhoods. We have created "Neighborhood Websites" in order to give people a more in-depth look into specific neighborhoods. Pictures, market statistics, homes for sale and videos help give buyers and sellers the character and details of the neighborhood that they are looking for.

Because we have been specializing in this area for so long, we are experts in all areas. If there is an area that you need to learn more about, simply give us a call at (719) 388-4000, we are always happy to help.

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